MACMORRIS is an IRC Laureate project that seeks to map the full range and richness of cultural activity, across languages and ethnic groups, in Ireland from 1541 to 1691.

It opens a window on a world on the cusp of drastic change but where, for the moment, everything is still in play.

Image accreditation:
“The Provence of Munster” in Hardiman Atlas MS1209. Thanks to the Board of Trinity College Dublin.

Gaelic culture is vibrant; the English vernacular of the Pale is lively and colourful; agents of the Tudor conquest like Edmund Spenser bring the energies – often dark energies – of the English Renaissance to Ireland; and contact with mainland Europe is routine.

MACMORRIS allows us to tap into a diverse, multilingual world that reminds us just how rich and complex the wellsprings of Irish culture are. Our project runs from 2019 -2023.

MACMORRIS is funded by the Irish Research Council, through IRCLA/2019/116.

Did Ireland have a Renaissance? – Enter MACMORRIS